With YouTube ads, reach potential customers and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube – and only pay when they show interest. According to a latest report, Internet Video viewing has gone up by 35% and mobile internet viewing went up by 20%, while traditional video viewing was only up by 0.2%. Over 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and it hits more than 1 billion unique visitors every month. Everyone now watches online videos. SENSEFORWEB provides Youtube Advertisement in Bangladesh.

Reach The People
Who Matter To You

You don’t need to get your ad in front of everybody – just the people likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Music fans around the block. Fashionistas around the world. And everyone in between. They’re all on YouTube.

Only Pay When They
Watch Your Video Ad

You only pay when someone chooses to watch at least 30 seconds or clicks on your TrueView ad.

See How You’re Doing and
What To Improve

Get real-time insights about how people are responding to your video ads. So you’ll know how you’re doing – and how to do even better.

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